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RIMUN 2023

    Finally, MUN is on the road again, this time to the heart of Italy –  Rome! Eleven students from Gymnasium Meiendorf were able to attend the RIMUN conference in Rome, Italy, from March 23rd to March 29th.

    The conference was a memorable experience for all 11 participants, who had the chance to represent different countries and engage in intense debates in various committees. We were able to represent the countries Australia (Mazdak, Natalia, Liz, Eduardo, Lilith), Maldives (Alamea, Kosima) , Malta (Mathilde,Ellen), and Singapore (Summer, Sofie) while all of us brought some unique perspectives to the discussions.

    The conference kicked off with an opening ceremony, which was held at the antique hall Giulio Cesare, a grand venue in the heart of Rome that also hosts the Town Council of Rome. There speeches were given by the Secretary General of RIMUN, the conference managers, and other notable figures, while we were thrilled to be part of such a prestigious event and were eager to get started.

    topics, such as ensuring decent working conditions, promoting clean energy sources as well as access to jobs and financial services for refugees and many more. All students had to work hard to defend their country’s position and come up with convincing solutions to the complex issues at hand. There were moments of tension and frustration, but also moments of triumph and satisfaction when resolutions were passed. There obviously were some funny moments as well, like the gossiping sessions that brought laughter and relief after the long hours of work. Some of the punishments given to the students for being late or not following the rules were also very funny and amusing for everyone.

    During the afternoons, we had the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Rome. We visited the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and other famous landmarks, learning about the rich history and culture of Italy. Of course, we also tried delicious Italian food at local restaurants and bonded with our host families.

    On the final day of the conference, there was a closing ceremony at the LUISS University, where awards were given out to the best delegates. The closing ceremony left many students emotional. It was a bittersweet moment, as the conference was coming to an end, but we were also proud of the hard work and dedication we put into the event.

    The RIMUN conference was a great experience for us, the students of Gymnasium Meiendorf. We gained valuable skills in public speaking, and critical thinking, as well as deepening our understanding of international relations and diplomacy. We would like to express our appreciation to Mrs. Heyken-Pohlmann and Mrs. Baker for accompanying us on our recent trip. We are also grateful to the MUNoH e.V. and Schulverein for their support, which made this trip possible. The experience was truly fantastic, and we highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to attend such a conference does so. We found the conference to be engaging and informative, and we believe that these events never get boring. We were grateful for the opportunity to attend the conference and are eager to participate in more MUN events in the future.

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